Frequently Ask Questions

Do you need my pass code?

Yes we do. If there is a pass code on the phone it hinders our ability to test all the functions of the device. Please provide your pass code with the device when you bring it in for repair. If you do not wish to provide your pass code, certain device functions including but not limited to; the camera, wifi and bluetooth cannot be tested before and cannot be covered by our guarantee.

2How long does a repair usually take?

Mobile device repairs are typically quick, we can usually get you in and out in 60 minutes with some models taking only 20-30 minutes. Certain devices such as tablets take a little longer, possibly up to 6-8 hours. Water treatment can be 24 hours.

3 What brands and models do you repair?

We specialize in Apple, Samsung, HTC some but not all, LG-we can order your part, Blackberry, order your part, Motorola, order your part, and Huawei devices. However, we work on other brands as well. There are countless models of phones and tablets out there. As long as we can source the part n the best cost effective way for you, and as long as it makes sense to you, the customer, we may certainly be able to repair your device.

4 Is there a warranty on the services you offer?

Yes, most parts include a 30 day warranty against defects. Does not cover breakage, trauma, falls, or other personal damage to the screen. Parts not included in the 30 day warranty are buttons and batteries as these are “wearable parts” and their warranty is limited as well as any device that shows signs of water damage. These devices have zero warranty because it is never predictable how a water damaged phone will respond to our part. In a store warranty situation the client returns the defective device within a few days or calls or emails and demonstrates or shows the part to have the defective feature and to can be returned to original manufacturer for a replacement of the defective part at no charge to the repair company.

PLEASE NOTE: Accidental damage is not included under any of these warranties and will not be covered. Any device with liquid damage, whether old or recent will not be covered under any warranty.

5Will I lose my photos, music, contacts or any other data on my device because of the repair?

We know how important these things are to you and want you to know that your data is in safe hands. We rarely (almost never) have issues regarding data loss, however it is recommended that you back your device up if possible before you bring it in. If you need help backing it up, feel free to call us and we will help you out.

6 Do you use aftermarket or OEM parts?

All of our parts are high-quality aftermarket parts. We do not use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. Manufacturers that specialize in aftermarket replacement parts often produce the highest quality parts. Often, sourcing quality OEM parts is extremely difficult and is in many cases, illegal.

7 Do you offer group rates or volume discounts?

Yes, we do offer incentives for volume repairs. Check with us when you bring your devices in.

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