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Step 1:
Request a Job ID
You must have a Job ID for before sending your device to us. This is to be certain that your device makes it back to you safely. After you submit your request, you will receive your Job ID via email and see it listed here under jobs. Your ticket number is not the same as a job ID.

Step 2:
Receive your Job ID
Pack and ship your device(s)
Once you have your Job ID, you are ready to ship your device to us. Some people print the job email, others just write the number on the box. As long as you include your Job ID, we are in good shape. Your new Job ID will have a status of "Waiting for device".

Step 3:
We repair your device(s) &
create an invoice for your repairs.
We ship your device(s) back
& send you tracking info.
When we receive your device, your job status will be changed to "Checked-in". When your repair is complete, we create an invoice that you can easily pay online. After we receive payment, we ship your device back to you.

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There are countless of brands and models that are not listed on here. However, if you enter your device information below, we will gladly send you our price quote.